Negotiation Competition
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Bahrain Polytechnic
Negotiation is a fundamental element in the life of people and organizations.
As automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work, there is very substantial growth in demand for higher cognitive skills such as negotiation, creativity, critical thinking, decision making, and complex information processing.
Key benefits of the competition
As future entrepreneurs and leaders, participants will: – Learn key frameworks and practices to enter a negotiating environment – Build confidence when negotiating – Gain the rights skills for effective and persuasive communication – Build intellectual stamina
Unmatched opportunity to develop key employability skills
To success in the competitive business world today, it is vital to be armed with the necessary employability skills. The competition provides a platform for knowledge sharing inspiring innovation and collaboration to benefit students, businesses and the wider community.
Do you have what it takes to be crowned Bahrain’s BEST negotiator?
Find a partner and register today to join the competition. Places are limited!