Frequently Asked Questions

Negotiation is an alternative method of resolving disputes and avoiding conflict. Parties enter into a discussion with the objective of reaching a mutual agreement that satisfies each parties’ interests and objectives. It is a strategic bargaining process where parties make concessions and demand to reach their goals.
The negotiation process requires higher cognitive skills such as creativity and critical thinking to resolve complex problems.

Negotiation allows the parties to discuss their issues and make compromises with the intended result being a mutual agreement where both disputants are happy with the outcome (win-win situation). In most negotiations, there are many issues to consider and discuss.
Debate usually focuses around one major issue where opposing parties discuss their position. The outcome of a debate is a vote where there can only be one winner (Win-lose situation).

The panel of judges will take a wholistic view when grading the negotiation session. The competition does not only focus on the outcome/result of the negotiation, but other key skills will be assessed too. These include:

  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to compromise where necessary
  • Working towards a common objective
  • Communication skills
  • Working in team

Yes. The competition requires that each team comprise of two participants.

Yes. You can bring all your notes, research, information etc. to the negotiation sessions.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of the competition where the certificates and prizes will be awarded. Yes, all team members must be present during the award ceremony.

If a participant fails to attend the award ceremony, any award allocated to their team will be forfeited and the second runner up will be given the award by default. Both team member must be present to collect the award on the day.

If a team member is absent, they must ensure to contact the competition organisers in advance so as not to disturb the schedule of the competition. Both team members must be present during each session. If not notice is provided, this could lead to a possible withdrawal of the team from the competition.

All participants must sign in 30 minutes before their sessions. If a team have not signed in within 20 minutes before their session, this could lead to their session being forfeited and possible withdrawal from the competition.